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What are the health benefits of jokes and laughter?


People who tell jokes are largely perceived as being silly and unserious. What you should know is that being absurdly foolish once in a while is actually recommended. Besides the fact that a good sense of humor helps you get closer to others, it has a number of health advantages. The traditional saying “Laughter is the best medicine” is true. Sharing a laugh, whether with your significant other or with your friends, is just what you need to become a healthy person. It does not really matter if you get amused with people close to you or giggle by yourself at the jokes on holocaustjokes.net, it will help you relieve stress. Laugher has many other benefits, which is the reason why you should keep reading to find out what they are.  

What are the health benefits of jokes and laughter

More laughter = less stress

Stress in itself is dangerous, but if you let everyday mental pressure accumulate, you will damage your health in irreversible ways. To be more precise, stress can lead to headaches, high blood pressure and even chest pain. This is the way your body reacts to physical and mental pressure. Unquestionably, stress can lead to serious issues too, such as heart problems. The great thing is that laughter can help you reduce the stress response. When you giggle the muscles contract and, in turn, blood flow and oxygenation are increased. After reading a good joke, your body will remain in a state of complete relaxation up to 45 minutes. Basically, you will no longer be affected by what is happening around you. What is more, you will enjoy yourself.  

Giggling does wonders for your cardiac health

The one thing you need to worry about is your cardiac health. As mentioned before, stress has a great impact on blood pressure. But so do many other factors. When in need for a cardio workout, give laughing a try. The hilarity of jokes will get your heart pumping, which is great if you do not regularly work out or if you are not able to do so. Laughter increases HDL levels, namely the good cholesterol, and you will no longer have to worry about artery inflammation. You have many great reasons to laugh each single day and you should not waste any more time. Turn your computer on and find some good jokes.  

Yes, laughter is good for the immune system

It is not possible to discuss the health benefits of having a good sense of humor without mentioning the effects of laughter on the immune system. Physical and mental pressure will decrease your immune system if you don’t do anything. What you can do is read more jokes. How will this help you? Well, amusement stimulates the lymphatic system, in other words the system that is responsible with cleansing the human body. It is important not to forget about the T-cells. T-cells are specialized immune system cells that help fight sickness. If you want to have a chance at fighting off diseases, you should have more fun.

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