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What’s stopping you from enrolling in a study abroad program?

Enrolling in a study abroad program comes with a series of great advantages, not to mention that it can help the student develop both mentally and spiritually. It is true that in the beginning it can be quite challenging, especially if you have not been abroad before, but the first thing to do in order to make yourself feel like home is to browse websites such as http://www.findspace.co.uk/ and look for the right student accommodation for you. These are the things that are stopping you from having the experience of your lifetime and shouldn’t.


There is a language barrier

Claiming that they cannot overcome the language barrier is the most common excuse students resort to in order to avoid enrolling in study abroad programs. If you really want to study the subject you are most passionate about and learn from the best teachers in the world, there should be nothing stopping you from doing this. It is only a matter of time until you manage to reach the desired level of the language in your new host country. Install a language app on your smartphone and do not forget to always carry a pocket dictionary with you wherever you go, because it will be extremely helpful.

You are afraid of homesickness

For students who have not been away from home before, going to study abroad can be a difficult and challenging experience, but this should not be an excuse either. You can decorate your student room to look similar to the one back home, by decorating your walls with photos of your loved ones for instance. What is more, communication has become a lot easier and more efficient ever since the appearance of the internet. You can use different programs such as Skype or even Facebook Chat to talk to your friends and family.

You are afraid you will not be able to adapt

Many students do not want to go to a different country and study because they are too afraid that they will not manage to adapt to the new lifestyle from the new host country, to the customs and habits locals there have. However, how can you know for sure you won’t be able to adapt to all these if you haven’t even been there yet? The secret to make this experience less difficult for you is to embrace spontaneity and enjoy everything to the fullest.