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Which are the Best Radar Detectors?

Radars are used to detect the speed of a vehicle and the most common method consists in using a radar gun, which determines the speed by comparing the outgoing wavelength to the returning wavelengths. The small portion of the emitted radar that return to the radar gun is then picked up by radar detectors. These radar detectors will alert you of the presence of any police cars. In the next article, we will offer you two reviews of the best radar detectors available on the market.
Which are the Best Radar Detectors Picture Which are the Best Radar Detectors Picture

Features of radar detectors

If you want to learn which are the best radar detectors, you must compare several units based on the following key features:

  • Detection Performance
    The best radar detectors must detect the frequencies emitted by the X-, K- and Ka bands. However, the entire process is challenging because other common devices use radar frequencies and as a result radar detectors can create false alerts. Opt for a digital signal processor in order to get rid of those false alerts and get an accurate result.
  • Alert Features
    The alert features are very important because they keep you aware of other traffic threats and alert you to laser radars and radar bands. Also, your radar detector should alert you of any accidents or road hazards.
  • Control Features
    If you want to have full control over the alert options, you should opt for a radar that has a GPS and Bluetooth. These features will offer you additional features, such as an auto-learn processor, mark location and several other mobile apps.
  • Warranty
    In general, radar detectors have one-year warranty. If you have any questions regarding your radar detector or if you need help and support you can search online or discus via email or phone with your radar detector manufacture.

In order to find the best radar detectors, we considered countless products and we read countless radar detector reviews. In our search for the best radar detectors, we found the bestradardetector.reviews website to be very useful. If you are looking to buy a radar detector, it is essential to check out that website. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel like reading reviews, you can take our word for it and choose one of the 2 radar detectors presented bellow:

Escort Passport Max2

Which are the Best Radar Detectors Picture Which are the Best Radar Detectors Picture The Escort Passport Max2, which costs $599.95 is considered to be the best radar detector because it has great accuracy and detection features. This device will grant you a safe drive anywhere and anytime. The ingenious GPS features of the Max2 combined with its digital signal processing can filter out any false traffic alerts. It has three settings: Auto,which activates the digital signal processing, Auto X which turns of the X band and Highway setting which turns off all filters. The Max2 uses multiple laser sensor for a 360 degree laser detection.

Valentine One

Which are the Best Radar Detectors Picture Which are the Best Radar Detectors Picture The Valentine One radar detector has a stylish design and great features which will keep you safe during the drive. Valentine One detector is created by Mike Valentine, which was at one point Escort’s chief engineer. The Valentine One radar detector includes two radar detector antennas which will aller you of any possible traffic hazards and threats. Also, the large red arrows features on this radar indicate the direction from which the signal is coming. Regarding detection range and accuracy, the Valentine One radar detector can detect the lasers and the X, K and Ka bands and even the Ku band. Another great future is the auto-mute dial which will alert you when a radar signal is detected.