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Which device is best for your golf game?

For some players is not enough to be just a good golfer, they want to be the best golfer the world has ever seen. Apart from skills, any serious player needs some help to improve his game and reduce his handicaps. Instead of relying on a professional caddie to calculate the distance to the flag from your position, you should use a golf range finder that performs this task with greater accuracy thanks to satellite technology. There are two main models available on the market: golf laser rangefinders and golf GPS rangefinders. Since companies such as Bushnell make available both models, it is hard to decide which one is suitable for your gaming needs. If you read Bushnell golf range finder reviews, you will convince yourself that laser range finders are somewhat superiors.

Which device is best for your golf game

What is a laser rangefinder?

In the simplest terms, a laser rangefinder is a device used to determine the exact distance to a reflective object and they resemble a little bit a pair of binoculars. The unit is useful for measuring the distance from the ball to the pin by use of a laser beam. Not only are they highly precise, but they are also available in monocular version as well. So as to be able to determine the distance to the object, you will have to arrange the gadget to the target. You are also required to have a steady hand when performing this task.

Main characteristics

The gadget is capable of measuring the distance to any object, including typical course features such as trees, hills, and even bunkers. Besides this, the gadget allows the user to measure the distance with precision to the pin when someone is putting or on the tee. On the whole, they give you a better view of the golf hole, which comes in handy for determining which the best locations are. One of the areas where rangefinders are superior to GPS models is maps. More specifically, a laser rangefinder does not need any map in order to measure the distance. For experienced players it is important not to be limited on the amount of courses they have access to.

Regarding the operation, the laser rangefinder is extremely easy to use since the user simply has to point and shoot. This is all that is to it. The great benefit is that you are not required to download anything in advance in order to play. Thanks to the design of the gadget, you can carry it with you to the course, the range and the park.

GPS rangefinders are not exactly useless

While it is clear that laser gadgets are no doubt superior to GPS based devices, this does not mean that the alternative is pointless. They are particularly useful when the weather does not allow you to view the object or an unfamiliar course, not to mention that they do not require much care from the part of the user. In addition to this, it is friendlier with children or grandparents who want to enjoy a good game since they do all the hard work.

The golf swing analyzer

This device is very useful for beginner players who are still trying to improve their swing. For those who are unfamiliar with this device, you should know that basically, it measures various parameters which define your swing. To learn more about these devices, we invite you to visit golfswinganalyzer.reviews, where you will find information on the best swing analyzers of the moment.