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Why playing netball should be part of your everyday schedule


Many people know netball as being a popular sport for women and this is the reason why it is also called “women’s basketball”. This sport is very similar to basketball and this is the reason why it reached success very fast. It is said that it has been brought to England from America. It has been played on the grass and it had very similar rules as nowadays. It has soon become extremely popular in countries like Australia and New Zeeland and now women from everywhere seem to be interested to try it and discover its wonderful benefits. If you want to do the same thing, you should know that you would soon find a few netball leagues London if you will search it on the Internet. However, be very careful in order to find the most reliable leagues because you will have more chances to become a wonderful player.

Why playing netball should be part of your everyday schedule

You will get rid of the stress from work

It is a common fact that stress has become one of the most dangerous enemies of people from everywhere. In many cases, stress is due to business problems and work responsibilities, so you should make something in order to stop it from affecting your lifestyle. You need to relax and do something different from simply lying on a coach a few minutes after arriving home. You will feel better if you will play a funny and entertaining sport like netball. Your body will create some hormones that will make you feel happier and full of energy, even if you will make effort trying to win a game. This simple explanation will help you understand why you will feel better after exercising than after lying on a bed in front of the TV.

Many fitness benefits

Not everybody knows that netball is actually consisting of many different fitness exercises that keep you in shape. This is a great thing because you will have the possibility to make fitness exercises and develop your competitive skills at the same time. This intensive activity will immediately boost your health and you will burn more calories than you have ever thought. If you want to burn body fat, you will have to play it regularly, not just from time to time, as you would have preferred. Besides these health benefits, you will improve your hand-eye coordination because you will need that in order to successfully shoot.