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Why should you use organic cleaners?


Cleaning the house is definitely something you need to do in order to keep the space secure and your family healthy, but sometimes using certain substances can expose your dear ones to risks. Cleaning solutions are not always completely safe, and unless you make sure you have eliminated even the smallest trace, they may have negative effects on health. In addition to this, each time a toxic cleaner is used; it has a negative impact on the environment. Whether the agent comes in liquid, solid, foam or any other form, its effects are the same: it pollutes the air and water it enters into contact with. Most of the times, if you read carefully the labels on the products you find in stores, you will be able to say if a cleaner is organic or harmful, so pay some attention before purchasing your supplies. In order to avoid using toxic agents, make sure you choose a place where they sell organic solutions and specialised cleaning equipment UK.

Why should you use organic cleaners

Why are non-organic cleaners dangerous?

In spite of the fact that they cause damage to the environment and jeopardise your health, most agents you find in stores are not organic. Taking into consideration that they consist in chemical solvents (acids, fragrances, pesticides or disinfectants), they can be quite dangerous, especially if they are not properly rinsed and eliminated completely from the cleaned surfaces. The most common dysfunctions caused by non-organic solutions are allergies, rashes and even irritated eyes and throat. In addition to this, some ingredients may even lead to endocrine issues and hormonal imbalance, according to some recent studies. For this reason, you should avoid them as much as possible and strive to use only organic cleaners.


What makes organic cleaners safe?

Whether you are washing carpets, windows or furniture, organic agents should be your first (if not only) choice. This type of substances does not affect fibres; maintain a vivid colour of the materials cleaned and do not affect those who enter in contact with it. Besides these, organic solutions have many other benefits, among which maybe the most important one is that they do not pollute the air, unlike traditional chemical cleaners. Furthermore, if you use organic agents you reduce the risk of mould appearance, because these are dry and do not leave any trace behind. It is well known that mould evolves in humid spaces, but if you use a cleaning powder, you eliminate the risk of moist floors or walls.


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